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When Should You Interfere Part-2

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One of your single friends loves to flirt and dresses to get attention. You know that it's all harmless fun though. Recently, you heard through the neighbourhood grapevine that she is fast gaining a reputation of being a home wrecker. You took up for your friend but you don't know whether you need to warn her about this.

What to do:

You should definitely continue to defend your friend to the gossipers. As far as telling her is concerned, it depends on how provocative a dresser you think she is. If she is dressing unsuitably for the workplace, or if her flirting crosses the line of being charming and instead is a 'come-on', you might want to gently tell her what people are saying. Just sit her down and say that while you love her style, other women in the group are feeling a bit threatened. Avoid being judgemental. Let her decide if she wants to change her behaviour or dress sense.


Your friend completely pampers her teenage daughter. In turn, the kid has no respect for her mother and goes out of her way to spite her. Your friend complains about how difficult her daughter is to handle, but gets defensive at any criticism of her parenting skills. How do you say something without offending your friend?

What to do:

This is quite a tough situation as people are very sensitive about how they are raising their kids. You should wait till your friend brings up her troubles, and then share your experiences with your own child. This way you will come across as an ally and not as someone who is out to criticise her. You could even suggest family counselling or recommend a parenting book that you know is good. However, you have to understand that your friend might not change her behaviour and you have no control over how she chooses to bring up her child.
...........Continued From When Should you Interfere?

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