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How to Spot a Casanova In Your Life?

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Here’s how you can tell when you’re not the only woman in your man’s life.
If hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, just think of the damage three teenage girls could to do if pushed to their romantic breaking points. ‘John Tucker Must Die’ is a film that deals with college Casanovas and how three girls who were being played decided to turn the game around and pull a fast one on the boy who was three-timing them. It is never a good feeling to find out that the guy you were interested in is actually only playing you for a fool. But how does one come to realise that the person in question is two-timing. The following are a few signs:


The first sign that you are not the only woman in your man’s life is his level of interest in your intimate experiences. Any hot blooded male would be very interested in the sexuality of the relationship. So, if your man is losing interest in sex or is not as passionate as he used to be, he is either really losing interest or he’s probably getting his fulfilment elsewhere. However, losing interest in sexuality is not the only sign. Even things like listening to you or having a conversation can help you gauge his fidelity. If your man has stopped saying ‘I love you’ as often or is not that into you anymore, read the signs and start looking for a solution.


Behavioural changes are also an indication that your man’s fidelity is in question. Does he ‘accidentally’ call you another girl’s name? Does he always keep reminding you about how many women hit on him but how he’s always faithful? Does he show signs of guilt, like not looking you in the eye or being evasive when you question him? All of the above are behavioural patterns of people who are cheating or are likely to cheat. In fact, if he starts getting unusually aggressive and starts yelling at you for questioning him, it’s a method of defence; don’t rest till you get your answers.


If your man is suddenly very concerned about his clothes, his appearance etc you might want to look into it. If he’s always been slightly fancy, it’s ok. However, if this is a new development — why would a guy go out of his way to look great (unless it was work related etc). It could be an innocent fetish, but there’s no harm in finding out whether it’s just his new habit or if he’s doing it to please someone.


This is one of the most obvious signs that your man has one or many women in his life besides you. If your man disappears for long periods of time without explaining where he was or what he was doing and then even when you ask he changes the subject, it means he’s hiding something. If he isn’t coming home on his usual time or taking weekends off and leaving town, well it won’t take a rocket scientist to know that something foul is going on.


If your man gets calls from women you don’t know and always talks to them behind your back or just hangs up when you’re around, that woman might just be his other love interest. Unless it’s a confidential work matter there is no reason why he can’t have an open conversation with another woman in front of you, unless, he didn’t want you to hear what she was saying. So watch out for suspicious phone calls & Even Emails or SMS.

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