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The Rules of Friendship

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What you should never do if you want to remain friends with someone

You may meet several people in life who leave an impact on you, but a true friend is one who sticks by you for as long as you live. Regardless of how may people you might get acquainted with in life, the ones who are closest to you will always be your friends. However, like with any other relationship, friendship is also a give and take. There are lines that you should not cross if you don’t want to lose your friend. It’s true that a friend’s love should be unconditional, but let’s face it, if you really go wrong and hurt him or her, you can’t blame them for walking out of your life. So, to avoid this from happening, read on to know what you should never do, if you want to remain friends with someone.


The worst reason for losing friends is because of someone from the opposite sex. If your friend is in love with a man or woman and you steal their boyfriend or girlfriend you might end up losing your friend. There are enough men and women out there; you don’t need to destroy your friend’s relationship because you want their man or woman for yourself. Your friends’ lovers are off bounds so don’t go down that road and risk losing a friendship.


A fair amount of competitiveness is good for the system and is even healthy as it motivates one to do better. But if the only reason you are competing is because you want to prove a point that you are the best, then stop yourself. If you are always trying to outdo your friend at what he or she does only to make yourself feel better, watch out, your friend might find someone else to replace you. No one wants to play games and beat the other all the time. Friendship is being on the same team and not fighting against each other.


Talking about your friend’s family or interfering in their family affairs will definitely cause a break up. It is perfectly ok for you to be concerned about your friend’s family but don’t get meddlesome. You can always give advice, if he or she asks for it and be there to support them, but don’t get judgemental. It is after all his or her family and you need to respect that.


If your friend is going through rough times or is feeling less confident than usual because of a mistake they made at work, don’t laugh at them. Regardless of how silly the problem might seem to you, if it is affecting your friend, joking about it will make him or her resent you. Instead be positive and encourage them to do better. Remember that it is your friend and he or she would have done the same for you.


When your friend confides in you about something that is very personal to him or her and asks you to keep it confidential — do so. Gossiping about your friend might lead to distrust and he or she might never share another thing with you. Avoid talking about your friend’s secrets to other people . Friendship is about trust and if he or she can’t trust you, there is no basis for your friendship.


If someone has planned a weekend away or a day trip and you agreed to join them, you cannot cancel at the last minute, unless you are really ill or there is a really big crisis . If you didn’t want to go you should let him or her know from the start. Don’t make plans and then cancel because there are other people who depend on you. So if you give your word, stick to it.


It is only natural that two people, who are close to each other, will at some point in time fight. This does not mean you hold something against him or her for as long as you live. Learn to forgive and forget. If it is an issue that can be resolved, take some time talk to your friend in a mature manner and work things out. Losing a friend over an argument is just not worth it.

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