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Does Relationship Needs two People Trust each Other?

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Do you feel that your partner doesn’t have enough faith in you? If yes, read on to find out how you can strengthen the bond.
Whether entering a new relationship or trying to rebuild an existing one, trust is an issue that needs to be dealt with sensitivity. At times people are too scared to rely on a certain person and on other occassions it’s a past incident that hinders them from trusting their partner. Whatever the case, every relationship needs the two people involved to trust each other; for the lack of this vital ingredient stuns the growth of a relationship.

However, building trust isn't easy. It is a gradual process and may take days, months or even years. But there are things that you can do help the other person to begin to rely on you. Here are some suggestions:


When you are planning to make some major change in your life make sure you let your partner know beforehand. There is nothing more annoying than hearing about it from someone else. If you are going for a complete makeover or shifting apartments, let your lover know and include him/her in the decision-making process.


If you expect your partner to have faith in you, then you’ve got to give him/her the same in return. If your lover is starting a new business or trying to learn new languages, utter a few words of encouragement. Let your partner know that you fully support him/her and will always be ready to help.


When talking to your partner let him/her know exactly what you like and need. Remember, your partner is not a mind reader and cannot guess what makes you happy. He/She will appreciate the fact that you are opening up and talking. Once both partners share their needs, they can proceed to have a more fulfilling relationship.


In any relationship, it is important to be frank and not conceal important things. And if you are open with your partner then they too will feel comfortable with you. But if you hide something from your partner and they find out, the bond you share might suffer. So just be open from the beginning and avoid secrets.


When with your lover it is best to simply be who you are. Don't put on a fake act and pretend to be someone you are not. Remember, your partner knows you well and will be able to notice the change. If you want to rebuild the trust in your relationship, try to know that you don't need to change to impress him/her, but you need to show him/her who you really are so that he/she can trust you again.


While many believe that agreeing with your partner all the time leads to a good relationship, this is not true. It is good to have a mind of your own and express yourself from time to time. If you constantly agree with your lover, he/she will think there is something wrong. Try and realise that you and your partner are different and stick to your arguments once in a while.


It is good to create certain boundaries in relationships. You should let your partner know clearly if any of their habits tend to irritate you. Maybe you don't like your lover going for movies alone with a member of the opposite sex or if his/her relationship with a work colleague bothers you. Share what you need to feel secure in your relationship and ask him/her to do the same.


If you have made a mistake and lied about something, own up to your fault. Don't pretend as if it didn't happen or it will make your partner doubt you even more. Everyone goofs up. So if you admit to it immediately, there is a greater chance that your partner will forgive you and let it go.


Karishma Tanna, actress

I feel that trust is the most important factor in any relationship – looks and everything else comes later. If the two partners don’t trust each other, the relationship cannot be a stable one. I was initially nave and would trust people easily, but now I take my own time doing so. If my partner was to betray my trust, I would give him another chance only if he admits his mistake.

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