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How To Write A Love Letter Part-2

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Flattery will get you anywhere

There's not a soul alive who doesn't thrive on a few kind words. We love to be loved. It's in our wiring. So, don't skimp on the praise. Write about the aspects of their character that you adore, but don't forget to spend a little time on the physical plane. After all, that's territory that sets your relationship apart from all the rest. Who else will so frankly admire the soft nape of their neck, the sensuous curve of their lips or other even more interesting topographical highlights? You're free to be coy, but don't be shy. We're all happy to bask in a little naked adulation.

But be careful.
You don't want to lay it on too thick and risk sounding insincere. Save a few superlatives and saucy suggestions for the next time and always resist the temptation to tart up your message with excessively flowery prose. The Victorian era is over and the rhetorical bar, for better or worse, is considerably lower. Instead, look for fresh ways to say the things that lovers have said for centuries and forgo the iambic pentameter. A great way to catch excessively purple prose is to read what you've written out loud. Anything that sounds awkward, or a bit silly, needs to go. Say what you mean and mean what you say in the simplest possible way.

Keep those cards and letters coming

A mainstay of the courting ritual, like so many pleasures of the chase, the frequency of your steamy correspondence can trail off as time goes on. That's a shame. Just because you may inhabit the same four walls doesn't mean you shouldn't occasionally remind the object of your affections of the reasons you chose them out of the 6.5 billion or so alternatives.  Talk may be cheap, but of all the gifts you can give to the one you adore, a love letter will be remembered and treasured most.

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