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Liar Liar ! Pants On Fire

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Honestly speaking....
You may be adept at white lies. But do you know where to draw the line?
We always like to be nice to our friends and end up telling them things they want to hear, even if that means being dishonest. These praises and good words, not only boost the self-esteem and ego of your friends, but you get a few praises in return too. People love having you as a friend.

Lying about stuff is one thing, but what if you have to cover up for your friends' misbehaviour at a night club? What if a cousin of yours who is really laidback wants a reference from you for a bank officer's job? Then where does one draw the line?


You have to choose between love and respect. By speaking the bare truth you are sure to gain respect, but people won't particularly want you as a friend. When it comes to our close associates we love it when they are truthful and honest, unless it concerns our own feelings. Then it's appropriate for them to lie. But should we then fall prey to this and indulge in white lies. The choice is yours!


One strange truth about lying is it can create multiple problems where there could have been just one. Whether it is to spare someone else's life or save us a stack of goodies, lying is not always the easiest option. A lie often takes a different turn and ends up creating chaos instead of smoothing over a misunderstanding.


Most of us at many times, have tried to add a cherry on top of the icing. Be it during job interviews or marriage proposals we have always tried to enhance our portfolio. While this might hold you in good stead for a short time, you are sure to pay the price in the long run. Particularly when it comes to checkable things like credentials, experience and titles in job interviews and age, family background and educational qualifications during marriage proposals. And what's worse is you could also get caught and people could question your ethical values. Your credibility will take a beating and you stand a good chance of losing an offer if a would-be employer discovers that your exam results are pure fiction. And if your wife or husband-to-be finds out that you fictionalised your qualifications then he/she could just walk out on you and nobody else will be at a loss but you.


Always make the best of what you have achieved. Present yourself in the best way possible and draw attention to your potential. And no one can really come back to you for that. This will in turn, also boost your self esteem.

Always remember that you were hired because you were good at what you did, not because you managed to fool your boss.


The interviewers are smarter than what you think they are. Liars can be spotted immediately. It is often observed that liars touch their nose a lot and they lick their lips. The signs of nervousness are higher when you are lying.They also tend to talk too much They stutter and constantly clear their throats while talking to the interviewer. So avoid lying at interviews.

So, honestly speaking, honesty is the best policy! Unless, you have to save someone's life with your lie.

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