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Men like the 'playing-hard-to-get' women?

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You’ve heard that nice guys finish last, but what about nice girls? Who says being a “hard-to-get ” is a bad thing? Not for some guys! Here’s what some of the guys had to say:
The worst thing a woman can do is see a guy every night of the week. That’s how she becomes his good-time girl on his ‘reserve list.’ What will happen is, the guy will start coming over at nine o’ - clock and then he’ll leave by ten-thirty. If he gets access or what he wants from her anytime he wants it, he won’t have to lift a finger to keep it going.

Men are competitive. When he buys a car that is a limited-edition model, he feels like he has something special. Guys in the street who race cars usually race for pink slips, because they want to win, conquer and take the other vehicle. That carries over to women. A woman who is easy won’t scratch his competitive itch. When she stops expressing her opinion and starts agreeing with everything he says, that’s usually when a man starts to feel bored.

A woman should never go looking for him or chase him down at three different places where he said he might be having a drink. If he says, ‘Either I’ll be at the cheesecake factory or some bar on 26th,’ don’t try to track him down. If you want to be his ‘steady,’ let him track you down.

My fiancee was the first woman to put me in my place. She constantly reminds me, ‘Hey, nobody’s forcing you to stay.’ If I tried to have my way out of a situation, she’d say, ‘Let me save you the time and energy. Don’t give me that crap, because I ain’t buying it.’ I know if she caught me cheating she’d, hit me on the head with a frying pan. And I respect her more than any woman I’ve ever known.

If he can sum you up in one sentence, he’ll be bored.

Confidence is when you don’t try to interpret or overly process everything that you are observing out loud. It prevents the relationship from progressing on a normal course. For example, every time I gave this woman flowers, she would remind me that her ex stopped bringing her flowers. What she really wanted to ask was whether I’d keep doing it in the future. That made me feel like she didn’t really enjoy the flowers or appreciate the present moment with me.

A woman shouldn’t say, ‘You don’t call me enough,’ or, ‘You never tell me you love me.’ As a woman, your best asset is to be unpredictable. He should never be able to figure you out. When he can always predict what you are going to do next, you’ve lost him as a long-term partner. He’ll look for someone else whom he can’t understand or control.

If she feels strongly about something, she’ll have a backbone. This woman is the woman he respects. Not a ‘melba toast’ cracker that crumbles with very little pressure.

You have to seem like you aren’t giving yourself fully. ‘Here I am. Take me.’ Men want to be kept guessing. Think about it. When a guy picks out a movie, he wants to be on the edge of his seat from the very beginning. If someone doesn’t lose a limb or get shot and buildings aren’t blown up all within the first 20 minutes, he’ll think he got cheated out of 20 bucks.

A woman shouldn’t even crack a joke about marriage. I was on a second date with a girl, and we are both from Ireland. Back home we have a saying, ‘If you kiss me you are going to have to marry me.’ If you have the desire to get married, never let a man know that up front. If you do, it’s the same as handing him a manual and telling him exactly how to dangle a carrot and play on your weaknesses. This is the last thing that a guy wants to know and the girl then becomes a question mark.

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