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Foreplay Afterplay Wordplay

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By now we all probably know about terms like foreplay and afterplay, and the emotion quotient of men. This is an era where the idea of romance is bigger than romance itself. Soft candlelit dinners over French champagne are in vogue, and romance has become more of a lifestyle product. So in such an era of fly-by relationships and practical understandings, where does mushy notes to your loved ones stand? Those already in a relationship will agree that talking to your loved one has many an avatar. If couples need to talk about compatibility, they also require to discuss finances and yes, they also need to talk about sex. So what importance does discussing your sexual preferences with each other have in a relationship and how much do those sweet-nothings whispered in moments of sensual intimacy matter in a relationship? Yes, we have deemed them as pillow talk and men definitely love their share of hot talk between the sheets. Says Amit Choudhary, a finance trade analyst,Pillow talk is definitely important in a relationship, because it adds to the entire experience of making love. But as far as I am concerned, I love hearing my wife talk during those very intimate moments, whereas I take a more silent stand. It is not that I dont want to talk but I am caught up in the act to converse.

It has always been said that men cannot balance two acts simultaneously and that is why the woman is looked upon as the homemaker. But what do women feel about this syndrome? I wouldnt say that everyone is the same and there are men who are smooth talkers, but generally men are seen as unifocal in their perception of things. My husband is an extremely understanding individual but there are times when I feel that the physicality of the entire matter excites him more than the mental part, is how a businesswoman, Monica, explains it. But is it just sweet incoherent small talk, or do they all love a bit of dirty talk when we shed our clothes (read inhibitions)? Of course men will wrinkle their noses and feign surprise if asked to discuss about talking dirty in public, but in the closed confines of their bedrooms, every average man fantasises it.
I wouldnt say no. Definitely it adds a bit of  to the entire thing which makes it more exciting. The talk just stimulates the whole act and that in turn makes it different from being straight laced every time, says Gautam Sinha (name changed), a chartered accountant. Women also seem to have the same opinion. As Piyali Chowdhury explains, I have no hassles about a little bit of dirty talk. It definitely lends a bit of aggression to the act, which is good. 
Another important aspect is talking to your partner after the act. Couples regard that as a sanctimonious time and discuss some of their most intimate thoughts sunk into the depths of deep languor.
That moment is extremely important. Lying in the crook of his arm, I can discuss anything and unfailingly it is a wonderful feeling every time. Making love is not complete without those few minutes of eternal bliss where we can totally be in sync with each other, says homemaker Sheetal Parekh, voicing the concerns of her sex.
So even though a pillow seems harmless, what we talk while resting our heads on it is far more important. Like so many nitty gritties of a relationship, this should not be neglected
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