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Fashion Trends

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No Skirting This Issue
Gone are the days where you had one designated skirt for a particular occasion. The skirt has reinvented itself. Savia Rajagopal finds that the versatility of a skirt is virtually unmatched


Fabric that wraps itself around the wearer — that’s what skirts are, simplistically put. But you’d be foolish to think that’s all there is to it. When it comes to your wardrobe, there’s nothing that’s as versatile as a well-fitted skirt, which can be dressed up or down, to suit the occasion


Flamboyant and carefree, this skirt is ideal to cover flaws. When it comes to this ensemble, Surily Goel, fashion designer, states, “Shirts that accompany this skirt should show off a sexy midriff. The tops should be fitted well. Since the skirt is long and flowy with lots of fabric, you do look taller and could wear heels to accentuate your height. Clogs look great with a gypsy skirt.” Adds designer Nandita Mahtani, “You can wear a corset to dress it up. Alternatively you can go for a fitted strappy, or strapless top. A pearl belt looks awesome with this get-up. And invest in diamonte stilettos.” However, designer Nikasha warns that this skirt is on its way out now. She predicts that calf-length skirts will be the latest rage.


The ‘mini’ conjures up images of Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman wearing a tiny number that had men drooling. Closer to home, leading the brat pack is Tanishaa in her brightly coloured short skirts. Minis are fun, playful and display a lot of confidence. Whether you’re looking for that ultra sexy look or a playful sporty ensemble, a mini is the way to go. Says Nandita, “For a casual look, wear a tunic with a belt along with your mini. Go for a long-sleeved blouse in chiffon with detailing or with pleating. Accessorise with earrings and a belt chain or a big broad leather belt.” And stilettos are the first thing that come to mind when you intend to deck your feet with a mini! Offering an insight on how to wear your mini-skirt differently, Nikasha, says, “Skinny leggings are back in fashion for wearing it underneath your mini.


The classic A-line skirt is a wardrobe favourite that suits most women with different body shapes. This skirt is fitted at the top but narrows out towards the hemline and is probably the most versatile. Says Surily, “The A line is essentially feminine. A black A-line skirt teamed with a black top looks stunning! If you’re opting for a more informal look, a ganji or an asymmetrical top will go well. For a formal effect, go for boots. Otherwise, tie-up shoes that go around your calves look great.” If you’re bottom heavy, then stick to dark colours but if you want to accentuate your derriere, opt for lighter shades. Nandita suggests dressing it up by wearing a shortsleeved sheer blouse. If the A-line is for regular wear, then involve a strappy vest or a regular tee accessorised with a funky belt.

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