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Style Glamour Seduction

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Style - Some are born with it, and others spend a lifetime in its pursuit. While designer labels and socalled trends can sell fashion, real style divas are empowered with one key ingredient that transforms them from roadside trendy to absolutely ramp worthy... accessories! Accessories have been promoted from functional extras to the star attractions in the contemporary fashion scenario. And the truly fashionable understand that real style isnt just about the clothes you wear but what you compliment them with. Accessories truly are powerful allies that can enhance an ensemble. It can express your individuality in spite of following current trends. So long as you remember that accessorise isnt spelt as a excess‚orise!

Heady headgear
Hats, caps and scarves are all reminders of the mystique of the yesteryears. And while most of us cannot carry them off in our daily routine, there are several accessories that add spunk to our tresses, like diamante clips, satin headbands, Hawaiian flowers. And they‚re especially good for compensating bad hair days!

Sunny shades
Think of celebrities in all their nonchalant glamour, and youll picture them with designer sunglasses perched perfectly on their well-groomed heads. Sunglasses add mystery and allure to a womans persona and they efficiently serve their original purpose as well - protecting the eyes from the sun‚s harmful rays.

From Indian weddings to Hollywoods red carpet, jewellery symbolises glamour and affluence that can elevate any outfit. Jewellery is definitely in vogue. Remember that current fashion dictates the exchange of chunky, ostentatious styles for the classic, more intricate look. Wearing full sets is pass, and elegant long earrings sans neckpieces make the desired impact.

Bag it
Bags today are practically competing with diamonds for the position of girl‚€™s best friend. Designer bags are the new status symbol and an outlet for self-indulgence. But designer or not, any good bag can alter the look of an outfit. Make sure to invest in some bags of different colours, shapes and sizes to suit different occasions.

Twinkle toes
From flirty, open-toed sandals to the businesslike, no-nonsense pumps; from seductive stilettos to the more sporty variety, shoes can reveal glimpses of our personality. While fit, comfort and practicality are priority, footwear is an important part of your ensemble and should match with the attire and occasion.

Fragrant vibes
Good perfumes are potent weapons of seduction .
Fruity, sensuous or sweet, indulge in signature fragrances that announce your arrival and entice the senses. But wear your fragrance discerningly as some may be too overpowering for an innocent meeting with your boss, while others are too light and breezy to have any impact at a party.



Shoulder brushing chandelier earrings

Grandma‚s brooches strategically placed on plunging necklines, collars, and belts

African inspir ed bold, wooden bangles and necklaces

Metallic gold is the haute colour for bags, shoes, and even hair clips

Bright, oversized bags

Oversized sunglasses (but make sure they compliment the face). Square or geometric shapes suit round faces, cat‚s eye for long faces, and big shades for thin faces .

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