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Lucky Lips & Sensual Communication

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Lucky Lips Are Always...

The sunlight claps the earth
And the moonbeams kiss the sea:
What are all these kissings worth
If thou kiss not me?
- P. B. Shelley
The French kiss - forever wet, forever sensual. The wet, delicious, sensual communication of erotic intent. Bite your partner's bottom lip and suck it. Encircle his lips with your tongue. Flirt and tease him by flitting just the tip of your tongue past his lips, then, as he loosens up, push your tongue deeper into your lover's mouth. Aah!
A good kisser? : What better way to unleash the animal in you than to slowly work your way to the ultimate with your lover? French kissing is one of the most exciting acts you can share before engaging in sex. If you want to know if your lover is good in bed, before you lie down, make sure to kiss them deeply. If your lover is weird, and your sexual chemistry doesn't flow at this point, one can bet the sex will be a big disappointment as well. Most women of experience will tell you that they undoubtedly never make it to the next level of sexual intimacy if he isn't a good kisser.
Practice makes perfect : Ok, you're not ready to give up on him yet. He has so many other qualities that turn you on. The best thing to do in this case is to teach him to be a better kisser. If the chemistry is wrong, don't waste too much time trying to get him to get it right, but it can't hurt to give him a few lessons, sometimes practice makes perfect. Make sure you are both comfortable and relaxed.
Show him what you want him to do by example - by taking the lead and kissing him first. If he's unsure, he will copy you. Touch his face enticingly and run your fingers through his hair or over his head. This will make him feel endeared and special.
Comfort level : As your lover becomes excited, he should be less inhibited and more apt to follow his body's impulses. If not, and he just can't relax enough to tune into you, you may want to rethink going any further. If he can't be comfortable enough with himself and his sexuality to handle an intimate kiss - just think what he'd be like in more intimate sexual positions.
Remember that a good sexual connection is not everything in a relationship, but honestly, many can't imagine being in a relationship without it! It is the glue that can hold a relationship together through thick and through thin. So take a deep breath, lick your lips, and kiss him deeply before you hop into bed with someone. And remember to thank the Almighty for the French kiss! Mysteries Of The Sexes Foreplay Afterplay Wordplay

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