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10 Sure shot Signs of a Break up

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10 sure shot signs of a break up

When you fall in love you tend to give a lot in the relationship and it is worse if you come to know that you are going to be dumped and getting rejected. If you are getting dumped it seems that the whole world is closing on you and it's but natural to feel a loser in life. You tend to feel as if you'll never be happy again.

The good news is that it is not for long, as one day you will feel happy and you will turn into a new leaf and this phase would seem nothing more than just a life experience. But when you are in the middle of it and somehow know that things are not working out but not being sure can actually be very confusing. It's not difficult to get hold of the clues that you are going to be dumped. Here are 12 most common signs that can tell you that the end is very near.

• Suddenly he/she becomes busy and starts avoiding you.

• Does not reply to your calls and if you try to reach makes some or the other excuse hence avoiding any communication with you.

• When affection and public display of attention becomes less. You start feeling left out and feel deprived of love which came easily before.

• When you start becoming not a priority but a liability.

• When suddenly you seem to be fighting on rather small issues, sometimes even fights on petty issues can lead to a doom

• You seem to get vibes that your partner has started hiding a lot of things from you whereas earlier you were the first person to be aware of anything and everything. People do not tend to lie for no reason, if she/he is not being honest about where she/he is or who she/he is with there is rarely a noble reason for the deception.

• When all of a sudden your partner has nothing to share and you tend to feel that you are not being given the right kind of attention.

• Respect in a relationship is essential, once it has been compromised the relationship often follows suit. You just can't seem to do anything right. Be it the style of your hair or the way you walk, if your steady suddenly finds fault with everything you do s/he is probably trying to push you away.

• It becomes difficult to communicate and all of a sudden it feels as if you are not compatible.

Break ups can be harsh but they hurt less if you face facts rather than hide from the truth. Good luck! Love Quotient : Match or Mismatch

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