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How Yoga Helps In Your Sexual Life

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The spiritual and sexual connection between yoga and sex has been debated by Ellen Barrett in her book, Sexy Yoga . “Yoga means union or yoke in Sanskrit, and it focuses on bringing the body into harmony with the mind and spirit. The awareness of sexuality through yoga is deeper and more intimate. These are no-nonsense exercises, which are beneficial for you and your partner, which blend meditation, breath control and asanas. Yoga is about discovering the joys of elegant sexuality,” says Barrett.

The West is addicted to Better Sex Through Yoga , a video series of unique yoga postures, stretches, sexual-core stretches and strengtheners, breathing techniques, and body-enhancement positions that will lead you to a new inner strength.

According to instructor Jacquie Noelle, who has been teaching yoga since the last 15 years, “Yoga helps you become aware of your sexual core. Focused breathing is a crucial part of awakening sensations and it also helps you control your orgasm. Proper breathing is essential for sexual arousal.”

The yogic way to enhanced sexuality has certainly found scores of takers. Explains Kundalini yoga expert, Rohit, who teaches dynamic life management for well- being, “Yoga helps you in creating a balance. If you are stressed, yoga helps in calming the mind and strengthening the nerves, which in turn, helps in improving your sex life.” Sex & Yoga Part-1 Sex & Yoga Part-3

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