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The Yogic Way To Sex

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“For instance, Kundalini yoga helps you create bio-energy. It activates your sex hormones. There’s a spiritual connection between yoga and sex. You can either use yoga to express your sexuality or suppress it to attain celibacy. Kundalini yoga can rejuvenate you through breathing exercises, which enhance your consciousness.”

Sexologist Dr Prakash Kothari also believes that yoga is perfect for emotional, sexual and spiritual well-being. “For sexual disorders, I suggest certain yoga asanas before prescribing drugs. For instance, Bhramari Prayanam, the chanting of O m with the eyes and ears closed reduces anxiety and helps in contracting and expanding the sexual nerves.”

“While Vajrasana helps in erectile dysfunctions, Vajroli and Ashwini Mudra can help pregnant women pursue a healthy sex life after delivery. These mudras help the pelvic muscles.”

“I also advise the Surya Namaskar to those who have endocrine imbalance and to men and women in the menopausal stage of their lives. If you follow these exercises, yoga can really improve your sex life.” How Yoga Helps In Your Sexual Life Part-1  The Yogic Way To Sex Part-2

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