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Essentials Of Love

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Here’s what you need to look for in a partner especially if you want a long-term relationship.

To be in a relationship with someone you love can be a fantastic learning and growing experience for both partners. Therefore, it is important for both parties to find someone who they can get along with on a longterm basis. So, how do you know what qualities make a great partner and how to look for them? Read on to find out


The first thing that you need to look when trying to find a good partner is how independent that person is. This does not mean only financial independence but emotional as well. You can’t baby-sit someone for as long as you live or always be the one to think maturely when it comes to emotions. Therefore, a good choice for a partner should be someone who is his or her own person, has their own views and opinions and can take care of themselves or be ok and have fun even when you’re not around.

In your search to find a good partner, put intelligence right on top of your list of priorities. A partner who complements you in this department will not allow you to get bored. After all, any relationship is not just about the physical aspect. Mental stimulation is essential as well.


A good partner is one who is on the same wavelength as you, sexually. Even if you are the more intense type while your partner is a complete romantic, as long as you both are willing to compromise occasionally, the relationship will work out fine. But, if the two of you are not ever on the same page, it could pose a problem. Communication is the key — you should be able to communicate your needs verbally.


As superficial as this might sound, good looks are an important aspect of any relationship. Everyone wants a partner who makes an effort to look good for you and one that you are proud to show off. However, this doesn’t mean that he or she has to be picture perfect. But, it would be nice if they make the most of what they have, whether it is beautiful eyes or even just great hair.


Respect is vital to any relationship. You need to look for a partner who does not put you down or try to demean you in any form. In fact, your partner should not only respect you but must also know how to behave with your family and friends. Causing scenes in public or throwing tantrums when he or she doesn’t agree with you, are not signs that a relationship will last.


Never settle for a partner who tries to change everything about you — from your dress sense to your food habits. After all, it was all these great qualities that you have which attracted him or her in the first place. Time with your friends as well as giving you space to be yourself, is what a good partner would do.

If the above attributes are already present in your current partner, then you have nothing to worry about. But if your flame seems like the complete opposite of this, then a long term deal might not be in the cards for the two of you.

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