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Do Women Say Yes to Sex For Love

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Do women say yes to Sex for Love?
Did that catch your attention? Good. It’s time for a little debate regarding relationship priorities for men and women.
If it’s true that women give sex in order to get love (romance and intimacy), and men give love (romance and intimacy) in order to get sex, then men and women might view adultery differently. For example, if a woman considers the emotional intimacy of love to be the most important aspect of a relationship, she might be quicker to forgive her husband for having casual sex with multiple partners than she would be to forgive a long-term emotional attachment to another woman. A man might not understand that his wife may feel exceptionally threatened by his “just friends” relationship with another woman, particularly if he excludes her from the friendship.

For many women, emotional affairs can perhaps be the most devastating because the intimacy they crave for is being given to someone else.

If a man considers sex to be the ultimate expression of love, he might forgive his wife for having an emotional — but not sexual — relationship with another man not realising that the emotional affair is a bigger danger to the security of his marriage. He might not be able to forgive sexual activity, casual or otherwise, even if she continues to satisfy his sexual needs during her affair.

Any type of intimacy — sexual or emotional — given to someone outside of the marriage takes away from the marital partner. Understanding how each views sex and love can be a big step toward keeping intimacy (and love) at home where it belongs.

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