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Deep in the heart there is hope that there is someone out there who is the 'right one' for you. Image

Loneliness is a hunger born deep in the heart. It is reflective of the inner need and eagerness to seek fulfillment and completeness. As human beings mature into adults, they consciously become more and more aware of their heart's inner despondency and strive to satiate it through various means. The most prominent way of course is by relating to others. Deep in the heart there is hope that there is someone out there who is the 'right one' for you. This is the person who will make the flowers in you life bloom and multiply forever... The one whom you relate with from deep within you very soul - in other words, your soul mate. The institution of marriage for many seems to offer the fulfillment of this treasured dream find such a person and live 'happily ever after'. Many writers and poets have sought to explore this phenomenon of the search of a soul mate. Richard Bach's The Bridge Across Forever gives an interesting account of how he sought and found his soul mate.

The reason why we search is clear - evidently there is something we seek, which we think the other can give. However, our world is full of examples of shattered illusions and broken dreams. Someone who is regarded as a picture of love and beauty and virtue, turns out to be a bitter disappointment. There has been so much psychological and emotional strife thanks to this. Now a days we do see relationships decaying because we are more in sensual love raher than True Love. Does this, therefore, imply that it is useless to try to share a life of beauty and togetherness with someone? Or is it that we need to re-orient ourselves and have the right attitude and approach? How can we guard ourselves against illusions and find the person who is 'right' for us in the evolutionary process of life? To begin with, our search in the human ocean should be positive in nature and not be born out of a desperate need, selfishness, outer beauty, money, sex or perverted intellect etc. All predominantly need-based relationships will tend to eventually crumble, because the result is possessiveness and fear as it is happening in most people lives especially in the west. We also see men & women using sex to seduce each other but their end result is always pain & misery for both. So more the person is sensual & devoid of wisdom more will be the chances of faliure in the relationsips. Continued On.......... Next Page


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