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How To Reject Someone Nicely

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How To Reject Someone Nicely
Unrequited love can be just as bad for the person doing the rejecting. Here is how to say 'no thanks' and still feel good about yourself.

Here's How:

  1. Don't lead the person to believe you may be interested.
  2. Be polite and smile.
  3. Get to the point quickly.
  4. Tell them you appreciate their interest in you but your feelings toward them aren't the same.
  5. Be nice; don't say you'd rather be friends if you have no intention of staying friendly.
  6. Make it as painless as possible by being direct and NOT saying something like, 'if things were different.'
  7. Don't over explain or make excuses -- you are not interested, plain and simple.


  1. You may think that being blunt seems mean but, in fact, it is much more mean to let somebody who doesn't have a chance with you think that they might.
  2. Maintain eye contact, keep a calm and steady tone, smile and be polite.
  3. Remember that the person being rejected may get angry and call you names -- don't take it personally, it is anger talking.
  4. Remember that the person being rejected may act desperate to get you to change your mind -- don't give in to the antics.

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