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Are You Really Together?

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Are You Really Together Dear
... or do you constantly get at each other. Read on to ensure a healthy relationship with your lover .
The media has a tendency to portray extremes — either extremely content couples or miserable and intense ones. But the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. It is impossible for any couple to be unhappy or head-over-heels in love with each other all the time. Every relationship has its ups and downs. However, there are some ways to create a strong bond with your lover.


Couples that are in solid relationships are not clingy and give each other enough space. This doesn't mean that they don't do anything together. But they don't feel the need to be stuck together all the time nor do they keep an eye on their partners. Only once you are happy with yourself and don't need constant approval from your partner, can you enjoy the space.


Couples in good relationships give each other emotional support and don't put each other down in front of family or friends. Instead, they discuss their problems in private. If you are upset with your partner and feel a strong need to vent your frustration, take him/her to another room where you can talk in peace, instead of making a scene.


Content couples don't feel a constant need to talk to each other. You and your partner can be sitting in the room together and reading. Sometimes the physical presence of the other person is more than enough.


It is important to ensure that both of you share equal responsibilities. Especially when it comes to domestic chores, take turns in doing the laundry or picking up the children from school. It shouldn't be that one person in the relationship handles all the tasks and the other doesn't pitch in.


It is said that if a couple can laugh together, chances are that they will stay together for a long time. It's always good to retain a good sense of humour and accept that life doesn't always work the way you want it to. No couple can always agree with each other on everything, but a couple that can laugh things off can help avoid quarrels.


There is no rule as to how many times a couple should have sex in a week but the essential thing is that the couple themselves should be happy atleast twic in a month atleast. Talking about sex is a good idea. This way you can make sure that both you and your lover are satisfied.


It is essential to show your partner a certain amount of respect and expect the same in return. While respect is something that needs to be earned, if you show no respect for your spouse then it's unfair to expect them to show respect for you. This includes giving space, understanding work commitments, friendships and not being rude or abusive.


Take some time out together. Having fun doesn't mean spending a lot of money. A couple can have a good time doing simple things like taking a walk in the park, drinking coffee together or watching the sunset on the beach.


Some people are extremely talkative and others are quiet and reserved. Either way, you should make it a point to listen your partner. Avoid interrupting when your lover is revealing their inner thoughts and more importantly, try to remember what the other person is saying.


Couples need to accept that their partner and their personalities are not static. Everyone changes to some extent with time. Happy couples give each other the space within which this can happen. Unhappy couples are torn apart once one partner changes. Embrace the differences in your partner and make sure it doesn't alter your feelings for him/her.

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