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Keeping the Love Alive

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If you and your partner are drifting away from each other, here’s how you can save your relationship.
A relationship is not always smooth and at balance. At times, it can become frustrating and you might start questioning whether or not you even want to be with your partner. At some point in time, most couples go through a phase in their relationship where one starts neglecting the other or one gets too busy and the other wants more time. Instead of calling it quits, you can try and mend things and rekindle the love that seems to be fading. The following are tips on what you can do in order to make sure the love remains and to once again bond with your partner.


In today’s world when both men and women have equal career opportunities, it gets difficult to spend quality time together. If you are free, maybe your man or woman has work or vice versa. With such little time to share, you will obviously feel that the relationship is not growing and then start feeling slightly frustrated. The way to work around this is to plan “us time” with your partner in advance. Try to co-ordinate your schedules so that you can spend the weekend together or get the same holidays. A little effort can help your relationship in the long-run. You could even try to change little things like have dinner together instead of in front of the TV or set aside one or two evenings a week when you are your partner spend time with each other.


Spending quality time with yourself without your partner is as important to your relationship, as spending time together. Go out with your friends and family and be aware that you need to have a life of your own, even though you might be seeing someone. If you spend every free minute with your partner, he or she might just start asking you for space, so don’t let it come to that. Also, it is too much pressure on your partner to know that you depend on him or her to account for all your free time. Besides, the less you pressure him or her for time, the more they would want to spend time with you because they will know that you can be relied upon to give space when needed.


When two people just start dating, everything is new and they have yet to discover each other. However, once you spend enough time together or have been in the relationship for a long while, the interest and anticipation begins to wear off. Therefore, you need to constantly spark your partner’s interest and keep changing the way to relate to each other. You could surprise him or her by taking them on a holiday or try something new and spice things up in the bedroom.


This is most important ingredient for any relationship to work. You need to understand and accept your partner for who he or she is and they need to do the same with regard to you. If you and your partner are always thinking about yourselves individually and not collectively, there might be a problem. You need to reach middle-ground and make compromises. When two people stop respecting each other’s ideas and expectations, the relationship is bound to break. So, always respect your partners feelings and make sure he or she does the same for you.

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