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Ill-Informed About Bedroom Matters?

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Tips on how you can enjoy making love even if you are with someone who is slightly more experienced than you .
If a man or woman is not very sexually experienced, it is only natural for him or her to feel slightly inhibited in bed. What makes such situations even worse is if your partner is the sort of person who knows his or her way around the bedroom and is a master of all the right moves. So, you’re not only worried about being inexperienced and therefore not being as pleasing in bed as you would like, but you’re also nervous and filled with performance anxiety. The result — a really bad sexual experience. Just because you are with someone who might be more experienced than you does not mean you can’t be a great sex partner. The following are a few tips to help you get there.


This could be anything, a great way of kissing or a massage. The point is, there has to be something you can do to please him or her and you need to do it well. This makes your partner feel that you know what you’re doing and if you know how to kiss well and move your hands in all the right ways for a simple massage, it means you’re probably good at anything else he or she might be interested in doing.


The thing to always remember when you are getting intimate with someone is that even if you don’t know what they like, you can always try things on them and find out. But, don’t give them the message that you don’t know. Therefore, regardless of what you do, even if you’re only holding his or her hand and gently stroking it, do it with confidence. If you’re not feeling confident, give it some time and then get intimate. When you are intimate with someone you need to be sure about what you want and what you are willing to do to please them, if you’re not comfortable it will show and that can be a turn off.


One thing that comes with sexual inexperience is that you could tend to get very excited or very anxious when you are with a man or woman who is more experienced than you. This is common mistake that most people make. The way to work around it is, firstly, stop thinking about your partner’s sexual past. Just because he or she has had more of an opportunity to explore their sexuality and you haven’t, does not make them ‘bedroom gods,’ so get their past out of your head and focus on you. Secondly, make yourself relax you could have a glass of wine (but not more than one glass) or listen to music. In fact, you could play music in the background. Being relaxed at such times is important because with relaxation comes an air of confidence which will work to your advantage.


Suppose thing have gone well and you really are enjoying yourself and know that your partner too is having fun and then he or she does something that you have never tried before. How do you react? Go with it, do not panic or start asking questions, this isn’t your classroom. Instead, let him or her do what they want and see if you enjoy it. If yes, let them continue and join in the fun. Likewise, if you are not comfortable with something, speak up.


The last thing to keep in mind when you are with someone more experienced than you is to let the experience remain smooth and take its natural course. Do not stop at one thing. Keep moving and try various things on each other till you understand your body and theirs. A good sexual experience has nothing to do with who is more experienced or has more knowledge on the subject. It is about two people being comfortable enough with each other so that they can give and receive pleasure without any inhibitions.

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