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Can We Test Before We Trust

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Like an eagle, can we test before we trust?

Eagles lay eggs on a cliff or high peak in nest of grass and thorns. When the eggs hatch, the weight of the eaglets exerts pressure and the thorns start pricking the newborns. Then the female pushes the eaglets out of the nest. As the eaglets nearly fall, the male picks them and places them back in the nest.

Meanwhile, the female removes the upper layer of grass, so that the eaglets rest directly on the thorns that prick them. The eaglets are yet to test their wings. Now the male pushes the eaglets out of the nest. This process continues till such time that the eaglets are able to foresee the danger in falling and start using their wings. Slowly they realise their ability to use their wings and start flying.

Observe the commitment of an eagle reflected in the way it executes family responsibilities and the way it conducts itself while parenting. Bring similar commitment to all walks of life; be it in the family, at work, in society or in your spiritual life. Excellence happens when there is love that helps you to grow and contribute.

Commitment also involves dropping illusions. We do not see the world as it is; we see it projected through our verbose minds. Our minds are filled with thoughts and words. Words represent experiences. Words are also influenced by memory. From the past, we see the present. Hence we create illusions created by words, but we must filter them wisely.

The mind creates dreams. The aware self in you sees reality. Awareness without the is the higher self. The mind with its illusions is the lower self. Have the commitment to operate from the higher self.

Through commitment, balance all walks of your life... family, work, social and spiritual. Creativity is to balance all walks of life. Creativity is just not creating something new always. Creativity brings excellence in ones life. It is a state of well-being. Well-being creates completion. When one is complete, one is alive and vibrant in all walks of life.
.... Continued From Balance Your Life with Commitment and Love Part-1

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