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Dialing For A Date Short & Sweet

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How you can score with a man or woman you are attracted to by making a simple phone call.

You meet a man or woman you are very attracted to. Things go well and you get his or her number. Now that the number is with you, you’re contemplating whether to call or not? Even if you do, what are you going to say? You have just the one phone conversation to depend on if you want to date this person. Therefore, after you get a man or woman’s number, in order to get a date, it is important that you say and do all right things when you call him or her. Read on for tips on how to make the phone call and not hang-up unless you have your date.


The first mistake people make when they acquire a desired number sit hat they get too scared and end up not even making the phone call. Yes, there are no guarantees that he or she will actually date you, but if you don’t even try you will never know. Sometimes they take too long to call and then things just get awkward. So the first step to making the phone call is to overcome your fear of rejection and to stop being nervous. You must have worked hard to get that number, so, now that you have it, don’t waste it because of a little fear. Wait a day or two to prepare yourself but don’t forget to make the call.


It is understandable if you can’t wait to get to know the person better, but whatever questions or stories you might want to share with him or her should be done in person. Don’t start a saga over the phone. The call should be short and to the point. If you start talking about everything under the sun and don’t get to the point, you might bore him or her and even come across as someone who has nothing better to do, except yak on the phone all day long. So keep chatter to a minimum.


If you are the one making the call, be the one to end it. When you do, you send a subtle, yet clear message that you have other important things in your life besides him or her, and that you’re the one in charge. It will put your point across clearly and firmly. Also you won’t come out of it looking desperate. So say what you have to and then end the call.


If you do call him or and end up having a great conversation and even manage to get a date, don’t give him or her any reassurance. Don’t say things like “I’ll call you later” or “Why don’t you call me sometime.” When you leave the future open and uncertain, you help him or her see you as a challenge and a mystery. Getting a man or woman intrigued and curious about you is always a good thing, and this is a great way to do it.


Many people might test you over the phone and try to resist the idea of the date to see how convincing you can be. Although you need to be convincing, you can’t sound desperate. You need to subtly disarm their objections and joke about it. For example, if they say they’re too busy, say something like “so am I, but let’s try to finish coffee in 20 minutes and run back to work.” If they still resist, hang-up but don’t push further.


If something is hard to get, it is more of a rush to try and get it! Based on the above mentioned fact, after your first call, wait for a few days before you make another move (this is of course if you haven’t already asked him or her out on a date during the first call). He or she will be wondering what you’ve been so busy with — and then call them again. And again, keep the conversation short and to the point. However, try to get him or her to see you for a date during the second call.

The phone call isn’t the best way to get a date, but if you have no choice and have to ask someone out over the phone, at least, do it right.

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