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Why it's so Difficult to Forget Your First Love - Part-2

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Recently Jennifer Aniston confessed that she was still in love with Brad Pitt. According to, the former ‘Friends’ star revealed she would continue to love her ex-husband for the rest of her life and hoped “someday we will be able to be friends again.” Jennifer’s heartbreak has had most of US and all her ‘Friends’ fans sigh in collective anguish. A similar confession from Paris Hilton however didn’t evoke much sympathy. It seems she is still in love with her first fiancé Jason Shaw and is even hoping to reunite with him.
Paris, 25, and model turned actor Jason, 32, were engaged for nearly two years before splitting in January 2003, with the hotel heiress going on to enjoy ill-fated romances with singer Nick Carter, tennis ace Mark Philipoussis and Greek shipping heirs Paris Latsis and Stavros Niarchos III.
And now after three years, she once again hopes to rekindle her romance, insisting she still loves Jason and would like to spend the rest of her life with a person like him.
"He's amazing. We are very close and he lives next to me. We were very young when we were engaged. But maybe we'll see what happens," Contactmusic quoted the Simple Life star, as saying.
Besides raging hormones, another reason why early romantic relationships refuse to fade from one’s memory is because of what psychologists term the “autobiographical memory bump.” When Duke University psychologist David Rubin tested adults for recall on topics from top news stories to important events in their own lives, he found that the richest, most vivid trove of memories were those that had formed between the ages of 10 and 30. Memories forged in one’s adolescence and in one’s 20s get etched into our consciousness and remain engraved, in bright, bold form, for years to come.
Perhaps that is why Devdas could never forget Paro and why our biggest romantic blockbusters are about a girl and a boy falling in love for the first time. Raj in ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’ could not conceive of a life without his first love and in a fit of overwhelming despair kills himself. Kumar Gaurav’s ‘Love Story’ wasn’t just about his puppy love for Vijayeta Pandit. It was also about his father’s bitterness about not having his first love reciprocated. One of RK Films biggest super hits, ‘Sangam’ was also about the hero’s first love, Raj Kapoor’s obsessive infatuation with Vyjayanthimala . What psychologists have unearthed now through rigorous case studies, Bollywood knew all along: one’s first love affair is the most passionate and it might take a lifetime to erase its memories.

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