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Finding your Soulmate Part-2

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To begin with, our search in the human ocean should be positive in nature and not be born out of a desperate need. All predominantly need-based relationships will tend to eventually crumble, because the result is possessiveness and fear. Of course, the question may arise here that if completeness were within would it imply that we would become islands unto ourselves?

No, not necessarily. It is only when we are bound by our needs and fear that we unable to reach out and share and merge. Being free from within ensures that we truly reach out and relate to the other - soul-to-soul, spirit-to-spirit. Body and material consciousness, however, tend to prevent us from doing so.

Ideally, we must thus first fulfill our needs on our own rather than look for someone else who can do it for us. We have to realize that we can take care of ourselves, for all that the universe has to offer is ours for the asking.

Apropos, if you are trying to use affirmations to attract someone who you think will take care of your needs, stop pronto! The chances are not very bright that the relationship will be roses and moonlight all the way. It would be better if you use affirmations to fulfill whatever it is that you need on your own.
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